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celestron refractor

celestron refractor Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED APO Refractor wit Trius SX-42 Camera Kit Condition: Brand New in Original Packaging SKU: S25003 Features 100mm Apochromatic triplet 550mm (f/5.5) Fully multi-coated Thread-on field flattener 3.4” Focuser w/micro focus 2” Diagonal w/dielectric coatings 8×50 RA erect-image finderscope Canon camera adapter Tube rings with D-style dovetail bar Trius SX-42 monochrome camera Product Description Starlight Xpress SX-42 Camera Kit is a joint effort between Sky-Watcher USA and Starlight. The SX-42 comes complete for easy set-up. The back-focus is matched for all Sky-Watcher correctors, simply thread the camera system onto the corrector and you are ready to go. All camera components are produced by Starlight Xpress in the UK and meet their highest of standards. The Sky-Watcher USA Esprit refractors come with an 8 x 50 right angle finderscope, 2-inch Star diagonal, 2-element field flattener, camera adapter, D-style dovetail and padded case. Everything you need to get out under the stars. High Quality Imaging Performance Designed with the discerning astrophotography in mind, the Sky-Watcher USA’s top-of-the-line Esprit refractors deliver the kind of imaging performance one would expect from telescopes costing thousands of dollars more. With their three-element air spaced objective lens design, false color is completely eliminated, yielding exceptional contrast and sharpness. The included 2-element field corrector guarantees a flat field across the entire imaging plane. The Sky-Watcher exclusive Helinear Track focusing system provides a smooth, rock-solid focuser with zero image shifts. Improved Cooling Performance The Esprit refractor has three port powered USB hub built-in and it can drive included Lodestar X and filter wheel. It offers high performance two stage cooling for better than -40°C delta T. The Dry Argon CCD chamber fills for improved cooling performance. Additionally, it is exceptionally effective anti-blooming with minimal effect on linearity and no lost active area. What's in the Box Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED APO Refractor with Trius SX-42 Camera Kit 8 x 50 Right Angle Finderscope 2-inch Star Diagonal 2-Element Field Flattener Camera Adapter D-Style Dovetail Padded Case Specifications Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED APO Refractor with Trius SX-42 Camera Kit Camera Specifications Camera: Trius 694 monochrome Sensor: Sony ExView 694 Size: 15.98 Diagonal Pixel size: 4.54uM Pixel count: 6,050,000 General QE: 77% peak – 77% peak in yellow light, 65% at Hydrogen alpha (656 nm) Back focal length: 17mm +/-1mm. Speed: High speed USB 2.0 interface for approx. 5 second downloads. Control: Via Single USB cable Power consumption: Less than 1.5 amps at 12v DC. Dimensions (D x L): 75 x 70mm Weight: Less than 500 grams load on the telescope Guide Camera: Lodestar X2 Monochrome Sensor: Sony ICX829 Size: 8mm diagonal Pixel Size: 8.3uM QE: 77% Filter Wheel: 7-position 1.25” with built-in Off Axis Guider Wheel positions: 7 Filter size: 1.25” Control and Power: USB controlled and powered

celestron reflector

celestron reflector telescope Sky-Watcher Flextube 12" Dobsonian Telescope Condition: Brand New in Original Packaging SKU: S11740 Features Ability to tackle elusive deep-space gems Easy to find your target High performance Teflon bearing system Smooth vertical and horizontal manual movement No need for constant mechanical adjustment Quality components throughout Properly corrected optics Rigid construction and outstanding stability Product Description Backyard astronomers, rejoice! The Celestron 12-Inch Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Telescope will make you the hit of every star party. This serious telescope is perfect for sidewalk star-gazers who want to tackle deep-space gems. The superior horsepower of the Dobsonian makes objects appear brighter and reveal their essential structure more prominently. It’s also easy to swing from one side of the sky to the other, thanks to a high performance Teflon bearing system in both axes. In fact, Celestron offers superior mechanical and structural components like a highly polished diagonal mirror for good contrast, and corrected optics for minimum alterations to the optical wave-front. Take your viewing to the next level with a Sky-watcher Dobsonian Telescope. Excellent Viewing Everything in deep-space appears brighter, and wider in extension with the SW 12" DOB. Many of the more challenging-to-resolve objects in smaller diameter telescopes will now reveal their essential structure. Objects just within the threshold of a 10" aperture will now appear more prominent, and may even be worth dwelling upon for extended periods. Comet hunters will delight in the fainter magnitudes that are possible to discern in the SW 12" DOB. Here at last is a telescope within the threshold to tackle elusive deep-space gems like the Horsehead Nebula in Constellation Orion. Located in Constellation Perseus, M76, is a very faint nebula of 11th magnitude. The SW 12" will capture this baby like you want to see it. M97, a planetary nebula in Ursa Major is very faint, but as a serious amateur you will want to see it! Ease-of-Use Observing with a Dobsonian has been described akin to shooting ducks in a gallery because it is so easy to find your target. Just swing your SW DOB to the quadrant of sky to be searched, and scan the vicinity. An 8x50mm Right Angle optical viewfinder provides both magnification and light-gathering to help narrow your search for those elusive fuzzies. The standard-equipment backlash-free 2" Crayford Focuser insures ultra smooth focusing adjustments. Multi-coated, 4-element eyepieces (25mm and 10mm) provide a spacious 52° Apparent Field of View. To ensure mechanical ease-of-use, SW uses a high performance Teflon bearing system in both axes combined with tension adjustment in altitude to set the appropriate amount of friction, assuring smooth vertical and horizontal manual movement. This also eliminates the need to have a balanced optical tube as in an equatorial mount. Sky-Watcher's Teflon bearing system is preferable to the use of ball-bearings. Ball-bearings make unintended movement of the optical tube more difficult to control. Fortunately, at low power, deep-space objects leisurely drift through the field of the SW 12" DOB, so constant mechanical adjustment of the telescope's orientation isn't needed to keep objects in the field of view. Quality Components The Sky-Watcher 12" DOB utilizes quality components throughout. Workmanship pride manifests itself in high quality standards of optical and mechanical fabrication. The polishing process for primary and diagonal mirror yields smooth mirror surfaces ensuring good contrast, and properly corrected optics show minimum alterations to the optical wave-front. On each primary mirror, and elliptical diagonal mirror aluminum is vacuum deposited to the front glass surface and then over coated with hard quartz (SiO4). Additional layers of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and (SiO4) are then applied. The mechanical and structural components of the OTA exhibit rigid construction and outstanding stability. The mount construction is sturdy and rigid. Mount design, while simple, facilitates smooth motions about both axes. What's in the Box Sky-Watcher Flextube 12" Dobsonian Telescope 12" (305 Mm) Dobsonian-Style Newtonian 2" Crayford-Style Focuser with 1.25" Adapter 4-Element Plössl 25 mm And 10 mm 1.25" Eyepieces 8x50 Right Angle Erect-Image Finderscope Solid Rocker-Mount with Tension Clutch Aluminum Plate with Needle Bearings Two Year Warranty Specifications Optical Design: Dobsonian Primary Aperture (mm): 305mm (12") Focal Ratio: 4.9 Focal Length (mm): 1500mm Secondary Diameter (mm): 70mm Secondary Obstruction by Area: 5% Mirror Coatings: 94% Aluminum Glass Type: Borosilicate Included Finder: 8x50 Right Angle Correct Image Included Eyepieces: 25mm and 10mm 1.25" Super Plossls Magnification with Included Eyepieces: 60x (25mm), 150x (10mm) Other Included Items: 1.25" and 2" eyepiece adapters Focuser: 2" Crayford GoTo: No OTA Weight (with accessories): 46.2 lbs OTA Length: Retracted: 36" Extended: 55" Zenith Eyepiece Height: 55.5" OTA Outer Diameter: 14.25" Dobsonian Base Weight: 38.3 lbs Base Size: Height: 25" Width: 29" Dawes Limit: 0.38 Rayleigh Limit: 0.46 Limiting Magnitude: 14.9 Light Gathering (compared to next size down): 44% (compared to 10") Minimum Magnification: 43x Maximum Magnification: 600x

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