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LunarPhase Pro is a utility for Windows which provides a range of information on the Moon and, to a lesser degree, the Sun, graphically displaying the current phase of the moon and lunar data, in real time.

Explore a vast array of astronomical wonders, both natural and man-made! Replay spectacular fly-bys of Voyager, Galileo, and other famous space missions. Never miss your chance to witness celestial events, such as Jupiter satellite shadow transits, with the powerful Events Finder. Easily navigate around the cosmos using SkyGuide as your tour guide. Starry Night Enthusiast gives you the freedom and resources to explore the night sky on your computer or with the naked eye or a pair of binoculars.

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Starry Night: Complete Space Astronomy Pack PC MAC DVD Deluxe Edition Imaginova

starry night software




Increase your in-the-field observing success with Starry Night Pro Version 6.3. Use the Events Finder to choose targets, or make your own Observing List for a specific night or for specific objects of interest. Print out three-view starhopping charts customized to your equipment that effortlessly guide you to challenging objects. With extensive data sets, advanced telescope control, and comprehensive observational tools, Starry Night Pro is a powerful program designed for the serious astronomer. Transform your computer into a sophisticated virtual observatory.

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Portable 70mm Aperture Refracting Telescope with Free Backpack & Phone Adapter

Orsda 35x50 HD Telescope Mobile Phone Zoom Camera Lens Optical Telescopes Telescopio Monocular Telephoto Lenses for Smartphone

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Did you know that there are more than 100,000 planets
almost the same size of earth drifting in orbit around our sun??

They take thousands of years to complete just one orbit!!

These planets are located part way between our sun
and the local star Proxima Centauri!!

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nortons star atlas

Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook This is a handbook for all astronomers designed to provide a wide range of information concerning the heavens and also create a paradigm for learning. The book covers the positioning of stars, an explanation of astronomical instruments, the solar system and stars, nebulae and galaxies.

F70060 525X 700mm/60mm Refractive Astronomical Monocular Telescope

messier star atlas

Simply THE most comprehensive guide to the Messier Objects ever published Combines detailed historical, astrophysical, statistical and observing information for each object with stunning astrophotos and telescope sketches Reproduces the text of Messier s famous catalog, along with biographies of Messier and his contemporaries Compares modern views with historical sketches from Lord Rosse, John Herschel and other illustrious figures The 110 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies of Messier s famous catalog are among the most popular of all the deep sky objects and are beautiful targets for amateur observers of all abilities. This stunning new atlas presents a complete and lively account of all of the Messier objects. Details for each object include a thoroughly researched history of its discovery, historical observations and anecdotes, the latest scientific data detailing its astrophysical findings, and descriptions for observers to view the objects, be it with the naked eye or a large telescope. This atlas has some of the world s finest color astrophotos, labeled photos pointing to hidden details and neighboring objects, as well as historical sketches by well-known figures alongside new deep sky drawings. Quite simply, this is THE most far-reaching and beautiful reference on the Messier objects there has ever been, and one that no observer should be without "

Bushnell 789971 Voyager SkyTour 800mm x 70mm Refractor Telescope

burnhams celestial

burnham's celestial handbook Jr., Robert Burnham BURNHAM'S CELESTIAL HANDBOOK An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System: Volume One, Two and Three [ Three Volume Set ] Revised Edition Dover Publications New York 1978 Hardcover Very Good in a Very Good dust jacket. A few short tears to jacket. Crease to front flap of Volume III. Volume I - Andromeda Through Cetus; Volume II - Chamaeleon Through Orion; Volume III - Pavo Through Vulpecula.

Trendy Cool Sparkly New Nebula Design Binder - $24.15

This customizable Trendy Cool Sparkly New Nebula Design Binder is designed on the binder and would interest those who like nature, space, astronomy, nebula, stars, custom, and geek stuff.

12x32 HD Digital Camera Telescope Binoculars Video With Display Screen

BOSMA 80mm Astronomical Sky Viewing Monocular Telescope

This is the Star I named after myself
Star name: David J Wards Star
Star owner: David J Ward
Dedication: My Star Shines to the Universe Forever
Magnitude: 12.84 mag
Tycho-Identifier: 8896:849:1
Declination: -62.8721 Right Ascension: 5h 54m 14.74s Distance: not in database
Spectral type: not in database
Constellation: Dorado (Goldfish)
Constellation does not belong to the zodiac.

Hubble Deep Space Telescope

CELESTRON TS70400 20X 20mm Astronomical Monocular Telescope

Starwatcher 40070 Compact Refractor Telescope

Starwatcher 40080 Refractor Telescope

Bushnell 789931 Voyager SkyTour 700mm x 76mm Reflector Telescope

Xiaomi BEEBEST XA90 Astronomical Telescope White - $249.99

Rocket man, I think it's going to be a long, long time. When Princeton physicist Gerard K. O'Neill published the first edition of High Frontier back in the mid 1970s (just four years after "Rocket Man," to be exact), he just assumed that some of us would be living in orbit by now. Or as the Space Studies Institute's George Friedman puts it in a new essay for this third edition of O'Neill's pioneering work, the L5 society's slogan "L5 in '95!" certainly wasn't referring to 2095.


Xiaomi BEEBEST XA90 Astronomical Telescope White

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Starwatcher 900114 Reflector Telescope

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