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Meteorites for sale

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meteorites for

meteorites 1X Tektite Meteorite Raw Specimen Mineral Rock Iron Stone Rough Black

meteorites for

Up for sale is a fine collection of Meteorites worthy of display in any museum or private collection The collection consists of the following 5 meteorites and one cast: From the Bob Haag collection and featured on page 111 of his 2003 catalog : #1 Malvern Lake, Kansas 4.5 Kilos (H5) a fine looking endcut loaded with regmaglypts , could be the main mass ( you will have to ask Bob Haag ) #2 Faucett , Missouri 4.6 Kilos (H4) another fine meteorite sample loaded with regmaglypts Also from the Bob Haag collection : #3 Allende 289 Gram slice expertly prepared by the master Mr. Haag measures approx 8" X 6" at widest points #4 is a CAST ( not a real meteorite ) of the Adamana meteorite FROM NWA #5 is a 4.4 Kilo incredibly oriented meteorite with 100% fresh crust unclassified ( who would make the mistake of cutting this beauty ? ) FROM DHOFAR ,OMAN #6 is Dhofar 294 2,290 grams (H3.9) Incredible oriented main mass Total grams of all meteorites : Just over 16,000 grams or 35lbs offered here for just over $6 per gram. Will only sell to a collector within the USA. Terms disclosed privately.

meteorites for sale

meteorites 718 Tektite From Sky Natural Rare Stone Black Meteorite Desert Moldavite Dimples 3 g Description 8 Condition : New Net Weight : 3 g(approx) Code : P00718 Color : Black Quanlity : 1 pcs Dimension : 1.6x1.5x1.0 cm.(approx) Location : Discovered at Nong Bua Daeng District, Chaiyaphum Province Northeastern Thailand.